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Bring That Beat Back

3 July 2010

Author : jason-farrer

Just a quick flashback while were on the topic of Givenchy… when Blud Sisters, Maya and Carri, expressed an interest in Givenchy couture the SB BK 24/7 studio wasted no time in contacting this old house to do our part to assist M.I.A. in fulfilling her Persian Princess fantasy. After all, Mama M.I.A. and Maestro Tisci are driving some parallel politics that stand well with the sub script which Sang Bleu and crew are marching to. Props to them for steering them thru the wall of the mainstream . Riccardo’s couture presentation, featuring M/M Paris and the photography of Willy Vanderperre, is coming up Tuesday and while our brother never stops working we thank him and his team for taking the time to dig in the archives. Maya pictured here in Givenchy Fall 2009 couture mixed with a Cassette Playa hoody and some dirty ol’ black t-shirt (That Tom, most likely, found waded up in Maya’s suitcase or under her bed). Couture with a hardcore world beat, no time like the present for the house that Hubert built and Ricky remodeled.

Homegirl’s album drops on the 13th and if Teqkilla’s any indication, we’re shakin’ in our boots.

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