Currently reading : Jethro Cave & Sophie Willing in AFTERLIFE (a requiem)

Jethro Cave & Sophie Willing in AFTERLIFE (a requiem)

21 July 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Noovo Editions Presents David Terranova’s Afterlife (a requiem).

As explained on Noovo Editions’ website, “the concept of this film is based on having two film sets that were being used simultaneously: the first was being filmed and projected onto the second set, merging the two sets into a single image. Using this system, our two characters had a way to interact with each other across this digital feed, a representation of life, death and the afterlife.”

David Terranova is a young film maker from London, now based in New York, who has made a series of music and fashion related short films that can be described all as experimental audio/visual stories in twisted realities.

James Mountford is a fashion photographer from London with over 10-years’ experience. Amongst others he has shot for the following publications: Dazed & Confused, Vogue, ELLE, Wonderland, Danks, i-D, French Playboy.

Afterlife (a requiem) from David Terranova on Vimeo.

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