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Being Drunk Helps

25 July 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

At the party I got stuck in the corner with the dorks.
I tried speaking some hybrid of canceled TV and the new next thing without coming off like a syndicated columnist.
This initiated a spirited game of grabass.
We showed “those motherfuckers” (and our dead parents) what’s up.
Not that I didn’t envy the absent geeks and their tediously subversive gadgets after I ran out of booze.
The dorks were appropriating lampshades. Soon we’ll have coats made of a thousand tiny cameras so you can be reflective and invisible and just go home.

Text by Dan Hoy
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Dan Hoy lives in Brooklyn and is coeditor of SOFT TARGETS. Recent work has appeared in Absent, Cannibal, Effing, H_NGM_N, MiPoesias, and elsewhere. His movie reviews and videos are available on his website.

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