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Barcelona 080

30 July 2010

Author : jason-farrer

It has been over a week now that I was in Barcelona for a long over due visit with some OGs and checking out Barcelona 080. It’s been a non-stop flow since I’ve returned to New York helping out our family over at V who are tirelessly producing what must be a record number of shoots in a record short period of time for the upcoming issue of VMan, shooting with our crew over at Public School who are gearing up for a new buying season, enjoying our UK/stateside posse that is now the Worldtribe that is M.I.A. as we collectively conjured up a deadly electrical storm under the moonlight on Governor’s Island, and a meeting with my favorite creative director, “Invisible” Macs Iotti, and a handful of designers who are already in the throws of New York Fashion week. This combined with the regular chores of credits, edits, and accounting have made for little rest in the testing heat of late July in BedStuy. Thankfully, life is a never ending work in progress and I know our friends in Barcelona know this, nonetheless, postings of 080 have been pending and I am just now kicking off what will be a weekend of postings from Barcelona’s fashion week with a few inspiring tattoos I spooked during the event.

Props to my man Isreal and his girl who drove me up to the sleeping giant for an all out carnivore fest at Boris and Lilly’s Belly R+B mountain maison.

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