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Barcelona 080 Mediterranean Minimalism

2 August 2010

Author : jason-farrer

I was so pleased to be invited over seas to Barcelona 080. Originally, I just thought I would go spend some time with some Spanish friends who I was missing very much. Little did I know I would be getting in touch with a more relaxed side of myself altogether. Granted there was the occasional confused point of view and the lewd and lengthly display of poorly spent money. Over all, I have to hand it Barcelona 080 for putting together a show that rivals many of the fashion weeks that are now all over the map. Not since Stockholm have I known a European city, that is not London, Paris, Milan, or Rome (I wish Rome still had a fashion week) to present a handful of designers with a vibe that could be counted as defining of a geographical aesthetic. Granted, some of these designers were out of towners who had made an emigrant decision of some sorts. Here are just three designer cohorts in a sort of laid back style surely rooted in seaside confidence. Not lacking, but free from frills and trappings that ills the fashions and inhabitants of more panicked metropolises. Barcelona may be hot but it is clearly not bothered.

Below in vertical rows: left column – Yiorgos Eleftheriades, center column – Josep Abril, right column – Jean Lu Mes.

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