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New Absurdism’s Manifesto

19 August 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

“Absurdism expresses the meaninglessness of life whose only beauty is self-contradiction.”

New Absurdism views the author as constructor instead of creator, manipulating and processing textual blocks of experience through various metafictional devices and the thematic templates of satire, black humor and parody.

New Absurdism views the story as object, disrupting the narrative, presenting linguistic puzzles, disjoint structures and unfamiliar or created words.

New Absurdism
views the reader as co-constructor of the final meaning of the text, forcing the reader back into the action of reading instead of passively absorbing the words that other forms of fiction now provide them.

CLICK HERE and you will access freely downloadable reviews, which are detailed, knowledgeable, academic, activist, punky and fun; with one foot firmly in the past (ZAUM, DADA, Surrealism, etc) and one foot in the present, The Absurdist Monthly Review deserves our attention !

Below, Asia Classics, vol. 1 – Vijaya Anand: Dance Raja Dance

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