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Novembre at the Swiss Institute, NYC

4 September 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Here are, finally, some views of the launch of Novembre Magazine at the Swiss Institute in New York City. Thanks to Clément Delépine, Gianni Jeltzer and their numerous assistants and interns, as well as ours, the evening took place in the best conditions.

In one room, people could leaf through the pages of our very precious first issue (only 8 copies touched the American ground until today, so you can imagine their unimaginably high value). Also, a few bloody beverages were served.

In the two other rooms, visitors could attend « ambient readings » and help themselves of a free poetry booklet.

Those situations were curated by Elvira Belafonte and Ariana Reines, featuring works by Dan Hoy, Brian Kerstetter and Filip Marinovich.

The also crowd attended a late performance by Anne-Lise Costes, Trevor Millay and Brad Taormina, aka the band YOU.

Thanks to the artists involved, and to the curious for coming!

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