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Ryan McNamara’s performance at Louis Vuitton

11 September 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

To dance as if cutting a figure in the air, with a shirt and bow tie, they stand straight, suck in their stomachs, heads held high. Their moves are bold, legendary, quick, swift, slow, tender, gentle. They are the ballast upon which women lean. Strong and balanced.

She caresses the floor with her foot, tracing circles. Keeping her knees together tight, she follows the man’s signals, body and hands. Moving in time with the music, moving in time with her partner’s movements, she waits, senses, moves and anticipates. She is always giving. She raises her right hand only when the man raises his. Their heads touch lightly at the forehead.

Except “she” is not there.

When walking forward or backwards, the leader should place his feet where the follower’s was. This allows for continuity, equanimity, and balance. Though the leader leads & the follower follows, in a sense the follower is followed by the leader. The leader must listen as well to the partner. It is a conversation to which the two agree.

Would you like to dance? Meaning, do you agree to follow me?
Yes, they say.

Ryan McNamara performance at Louis Vuitton from Sang Bleu on Vimeo.

photography & video © Maxime Büchi & Jeanne-Salomé Rochat

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