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25 October 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Mr. Oizo, aka French music producer and film director Quentin Dupieux, is a pretty successful French electro house musician, mostly known for his 1999 track, “Flat Beat” and his collaborations with labelmate Uffie. He is currently signed to French electro record label, Ed Banger Records.

His latest film “Rubber” was shown at the LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film Festival) last Saturday and tells a story about a tire that randomly wakes up in the middle of the desert and, “inspired by his telepathic abilities”, starts killing animals and humans.

I’m pretty sure that writing about RUBBER and trying to mine the oeuvre with words is a sure way of looking like an ass. And I’m even more sure that this is what makes it a great film.

First thing, the topic of the film is incredibly unimportant””it’s structure and style and words. Script, editing, coverage, and lighting are mastered to an incredible extent. Dupieux simply and accurately takes found objects (in RUBBER, realistic objects embedded in a surrealistic canvas) and arrange them for maximum disjunction.

Second thing, thoughtful silliness, wry humor, arch irony, and unexpectedly brutal violence create a weird “biosphere” where disjunction and disharmony become really addictive. Nothing flows together and apparently, ever will.

We heard an impressive series of nervous laughter in the theatre that night. It seemed that the fact that “nothing is beyond deconstruction” was very embarrassing. And perhaps, confusing. What exactly is there to do here with the “underground film festival” pointy-headed critical theories? Sundance Kid: “You just keep thinkin’, Butch. That’s what you’re good at.”

The film will be released in cinemas in November. Don’t miss it. And indeed, don’t miss the LUFF (generally speaking).

RUBBER OFFICIAL TRAILER ! from oizo mr on Vimeo.

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