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19 November 2010

Author : maxime-buechi

To see a fashion designer claiming Hip Hop as their main cultural reference is unusual, but the fashion intelligentsia might have to get with the program and get used to it. First Adam Kimmel and his ghetto-burlesque, americano-centrique presentations, and yesterday, Boris’ ode to Berlin’s underground (pun intended).

I am a biased observer. Everything I love was there, in these humid catacombs: contemporary, experimental fashion, heavy drum beats, sweat, skin and mysterious nocturnal atmosphere. The birth of Steam-Hop? (phew, maybe I should consider working in a yogurt brand, invent new names all day.) I never thought I would feel again the way I used to feel at the “Battle of the year” in the early 90’s, but yesterday, I did. And I am grateful for this.

In the below images you will NOT find images of the actual performance, since I was busy drinking at the bar and chatting with Maxime Ballesteros and Jen, causing me to not notice it had started. These are only images of the rehearsals. Basically, the final thing was that but everybody had amazing Boris-designed outfits. And with tons of people around.

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