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26 November 2010

Author : jason-farrer

Times I’ve sat in a throng of well bred blond American women while they’ve laughed out loud as Thom Browne delivers a taste of their own medicine on a silver spoon. Students of LFHS are no strangers to American old money aesthetics and never has Thom Browne failed to bring a crooked smile to my face as he replaced my adolescent ideas of subversive behavior with a flavor for inclusive provocation. Its no wonder that Thom Browne is a favorite of the far reaching staff of Sang Bleu. As many recent New York designers plunder thru countless tiresome references of anti-social youth culture to farm their too cool for school image, Thom Browne triumphs as the American designer holding a rear view mirror to the traditional dress of the upper echelons of a nation both impatient and proud. Built on the back of blue blood love of quality and educated nuances of subtle style statements, the house has single handedly provided the resounding laugh track for a nation on its own fast track to success without digressing from the craftsmanship revered by the conservative class. Mr. Browne’s punch line is further punctuated by the fact that he is the man entrusted to uncrust the lusted over Brooks Brothers label. The all American ability to knowingly deliver the goods as well as a heavy dose of anecdote may be the reason Mr. Browne is so doted on.
His first womens’ collection was recently launched under the radar and we would just like to take this seasonal opportunity to extend a Thank You to the man who truly understands work ethic and esthétique of the New World. The first outing of the Thom Browne woman not only boasts the juxtaposition of traditional fabrications remixed with the kind of humor we’ve come to expect, she demands that we reflect on his talent for proportional play. These kinds of gross exaggerations haven’t seen the light of day since another American great, Andre Walker coyly sent his voluminous skirts down the Parisian runway with white Brooks Brothers’ button downs back in ’93 as a self referencing ’83 throwback.

Wasp |wäsp| (also WASP)


an upper- or middle-class American white Protestant, considered to be a member of the most powerful group in society.


Waspish adjective

Waspy adjective

ORIGIN 1950s: acronym from white Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

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