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Is it better to burn out than fade away?

9 December 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

This adage of the traditional bohemian artist has become the first commandment for freelancers everywhere in today’s economy. Addicted to deadlines, we’re supposed to imagine burnout lurking around the corner, as we’re working ourselves to the bone.

Today, December 9, as we just finished Novembre Issue 2 (out in January, so get ready) I’m savouring the pleasures of exhaustion and thinking: the corner is not a straight angle. It’s a round one. A neverending one, that you can endlessly follow, never reaching any horizon. Time is never up, countdown never hits zero and this is it. This is how it must be, it could have been different but it’s not, no drama.

Yet the constant state of exhaustion that we’re in can be used as a way to produce new spaces. Overspending and exhaustion are not only moments in the cyclical patterns of capitalism’s reproduction and regeneration anymore. They are spaces of latencies, of levitation. Why not consider the potentials of that peculiar production? Nothing can be burnt anymore, anyway. We’ve already reached the state of ashes, soft and volatile. No spell to break. We’re not too drunk to fuck, we’re simply drunk all the time and fucking all the time. Let’s forget about the horizon and actualise latencies, as they can too be faster, better and stronger.

Let’s keep working oursevles to the bone, let’s reveal ashes beyond fire, and life beyond blood.

Above, “SUNSET, I love the horizon”, 2008, by Andro Wekua. (published by Le Magasin)

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