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With each step, you fall forward slightly

22 December 2010

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Some say abuse takes the best parts of us.

A recent conversation with Marie-Caroline Hominal and François Chaignaud (related in Novembre, Issue 2) led me to a much recurrent thought: public bodies.

Vito Acconci told that among the Marxist beliefs he had espoused in the 1970s but still felt compelled by was the conviction that the rejection of the value of private property should begin with a changed attitude to your own body, with the radical readiness to understand this body and self as public and political, 24/7.

The refusal to claim your potentials as private property and the will to allow them to be used, exhausted or abused by others, implies a generosity that to me, however, has little to do with moral altruism. It seems rather more driven by an unrestrained desire to enjoy and be enjoyed by others. A way to connect it all, the whole world. Sweet soul of abuse. Always exhibited, and forever owned. Always flying, and forever falling.

Laurie Anderson – Walking And Falling from J. Christian Guerrero on Vimeo.

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