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Where are we, anyway?

3 February 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

I went to see some real life art and real art life, then ate a steak, took a train, went to bed and thought about what I had done. I tried to believe that this wasn’t the desired outcome, that I hadn’t seen this coming, but I refused to allow myself even that comfort. I turned my computer on and wondered what I was becoming, what we all were becoming. I entered my virtual bed and said Honey, I’m home. I asked him to hold me and he did, caressing my virtual back while I rubbed my real life temples. Tell me you love me, I said. Tell me you’ll never leave me, that I’ll never be alone. Tell me we’re not monsters. Tell me I’m capable of loving someone. Tell me that I’m still human.
You are. His thoughts appeared. I love you. This is our life. This is our real life and I will love you forever.
He held me closer and I pushed the button that caused my avatar to cry. I pressed it again and again. Then again and again.


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