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Bedtime Decadence

8 February 2011

Author : maxadmin

A lavish and sensuous excerpt from Joris-Karl Huysmans’ extraordinary 1884 novel A Rebours (Against Nature), just to draw you into the world of dreams.

The gardeners were bringing in yet more new varieties; this time they simulated the appearance of fake skin scored by artificial veins; and the majority, as though eaten away by syphilis and leprosy, exhibited livid flesh marbled with roseola and damasked with darters; others were the bright pink of scars that are healing, or the brownish tint of scabs in the process of forming; others were the blistering from cautery or puffing up from burns; still others revealed hairy skins pitted by ulcers and embossed with chancres; and then, finally, there were some which looked as though they were covered with dressings, plastered with black mercury ointment, with green unguents made from atropine, or sprinkled with the glittery-yellow dust of iodoform powder.

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