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Cat With A Tat, Anyone?

20 March 2011

Author : adrian-wilson

In her own words, ‘Ros Maprayil has done some really awful paintings of cats in a last ditch attempt to make herself happy and try and be a bit more like her hero John Lee Bird’. They’ve been on the walls at Indo 133 Whitechapel Rd for the past 2 weeks. They’ll be gone by next Sunday and despite Ros describing the exhibition as ‘an atrocity’, her ‘crappy paintings’ have sold out. But as a special offer to all you cat and/or tattoo fans she is open to an extra special commission.

You get a lovely painting of a cat with a tattoo of your choice for just £10 + £1 per tattoo. Bespoke. It doesn’t get better than that. Mail me if you want one –

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