Currently reading : SS11 by Fleet Ilya + bianca

SS11 by Fleet Ilya + bianca

7 April 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Spring time always reminds me of a very special trip i took to California, many years ago, at this time of the year. Today in particular, while watching Fleet Ilya’s SS11 collection, I remembered a barbecue restaurant overdone in pastels, like a fast-food hospital, near the border to Mexico. My friend and I left the room door open while carrying garbage to the dumpster and when we came back a teenage girl was sitting next to our door. Her skirt was torn down the side as either an act of violence or a statement of fashion. She looked exhausted. I offered her a diet soda and she took a sip, then set it aside and walked away just like in the movies. She reminded me of someone who had once dented my locker with her foot. She had left her bag. I took it, opened it, hoping to come across a picture of someone I knew from high school but didn’t. The girl’s name was Bianca. After that I remember sitting on the porch wiht my friend for a bit. Bianca never returned.


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