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The Wanderer (1967)

21 April 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

I saw the film “The Wanderer” (1967) by Jean-Gabriel Albicocco (based on Henri-Alban Fournier’s only novel “Le Grand Meaulnes,” published in France in 1912) with a friend in 1999. We were alone in the theater. I loved the movie from the get go, my instant-fierce love. The film received terrible reviews though; everyone said how disappointing the film was compared to the book, and how bad Brigitte Fossey was as Yvonne De Galais.

I’ve seen the movie dozens of times. I own it. Brigitte is breathtaking every time. You know the poem by Robert Frost? The road not taken is never too far from the one you took. Brigitte was a somehow sad person, but she laid the mask on thick: heavy hairdo and opaque foundation. I identified with her anger mostly, all that defiance and glare. I was afraid of her too. The road not taken.

Yvonne spent a great deal of time in the film insisting, “I’m not angry.” Except she was.

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