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Snitch Skin

23 April 2011

Author : clement-delepine

I often think that nowadays we are living in a blunter way than it used to be. Somehow, the distance we had toward objects or events seems to decrease and proportionally, prudishness vanishes. Maybe it’s illusory, I’m nostalgic by nature.

An english expression says “he wears his heart on his sleeve” to define someone inclined to a certain reserve. Today, an article from the LA Times relates that a Pico Rivera gang member literally wears his heart on his chest.

Everyone knows about the criminals from the Russian gulags and their tattoos. However, if the latter were subtly ciphering their feats, the former obscenely inked on his chest the crime scene of a murder he committed years ago. This confession lead to his conviction.

Via South Willard.

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