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except actually, no one is screaming

3 May 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Some Advantages to Casting an Effeminate Tattooed Guy with Long Hair in Vampire Roles for a Music Video

Tattooed guys don’t care about money; contracts can be fulfilled with manly handshakes.

Effeminate auras cut back on the need for set lighting.

Long hair cut back on the need for make up.

There will be a lot of free publicity in Chicago, New York, London, Copenhagen, Hamburg…

Countless scenario possibilities can be extracted from the bible.

Teeth & the possibility of biting create new prospects for food-catering for a in the middle of a forest.

People who don’t care about money are never in a hurry to finish.

No one expects convincing actors anyway.

Effeminate people know better than anyone that women are all-knowing, so once they get going they damn it all to hell ”” they’re already screwed!

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