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two rotting bodies

8 May 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

On the table of the kitchen there are two rotting bodies and a thick pillow. The lady enters and says “It is time for a snack.” She taps the pillow’s head and the pillow says “Fascinating.” The lady watches the pillow’s head and the pillow stops speaking,

The lady opens the topmost drawer. It is full of spoons. She removes a spoon and uses it to cut the leftmost body in half. It is slow, tough work because she has to wedge the handle through the thick, grey skin. The juice spreads across the counter and through her fingers. When the body is halved, the lady puts one half in the sink and taps the pillow’s head and the pillow says “Live long and prosper.”

When the pillow stops speaking that time, the lady removes her shirt and presses the other rotting body half against her chest. The juice runs down her abdomen. She says “I bet you like that, Leonard.” When all the juice has run from the body the lady taps the pillow’s head and the pillow says “I endeavor to be accurate.” The lady watches the pillow speak until the pillow stops speaking.

She rips a piece of rotting skin from the dry body half and puts it in the pillow’s mouth. She exits the kitchen””the skin in her hand and her shirt on the counter, in the juice.

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