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Blowing Kisses from an Underwater Piece of Cloth

1 August 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

If the flesh is wholesome Ӭlike a fresh coconut slice
then they are the flesh holes of someӬ malnourished art deco bag of bones
that won’t stop at stop signs or a limelight”¨ or quit the gamble
when they are obviously ahead.

When the oreganos of a Summer morningӬ
shift their aromas into my drugstore sleep, I declare
all my bad behaviors to be an act Ӭthe way a kleptomaniac really wants
the attention of her ex-lover who is out snorkeling
Ӭwith his latest girlfriend amongst those Miami starfish.

The tropical boys may swish their asses but they
Ӭbatter the bloated hands that feed them
with their rainbow lips submerged and retarded.

Former Versace Mansion, Miami. Converted into Hotel Casa Casuarina…

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