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it took me

27 August 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

almost 9 months to dare to post this short film.

In the beginning, the fetish cannot be less visible. In the end, the binding is tight as lingerie.

I reject the idea of finding skating sexually interesting. However I entertain fantasies of owning many, many skates, that would squeeze my small body like a unified muscle. Or perhaps I could just make a big pile and sleep on them.

Ok, that is not true. I’m lying, I don’t care. But what can I say? The film is beautiful.

Whose socks have smooth membraned seamings.

Whose dense and slicked down hair is dark as oil.

Hand me a huge, huge, HUGE skate.

I will live on it. I will weather the perils, the grip, accidents.

And bits of cloth falling from the wooden platform into your mouth. The wheels are your teeth.

What I get for combining skate and bed. Ok, I’m lying again.

Brand my shoulder blades on the iron pipe.

The view is nice when you slide, under your skirt.

The pipe is sharp and we die on the way down.

Stop the lies now. Can a thing lie down without legs?

Can a mind lie down?

I want wheels too. Ok, stop the lies. Watch the film.

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