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DropxLife (and he has a good name too)

10 September 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

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happiness by all.

“I don’t know what’s real anymore, Bobby. Especially after these dreams I’ve been having, y’know. The ones where you wake up, but you’re not awake, then you really wake up, but you go have to go back to sleep. I mean, I’m tripping balls… It’s like that movie, y’know? That fucked up one about dreams, what’s it called? …Aladdin! I feel like Aladdin, Bobby.”

“I wish everyone would shut the fuck up, close their eyes, and dance. Not because they’re drunk. Not because they’re being filmed. And not because they wanna get laid tonight. Dance because it feels good. Dance because it feels right. And dance because tomorrow we’ll never dance again.”

“The people really played themselves with this shit, didn’t they Billy? All these names and logos and labels and global-executive-corporate-creative-business-management-i-do­n’t-know-what-the-fuck-to-do-with-myself-but-this-title-sure­-is-fancy-assistant-to-the-bitches in the world, and for what? The false sense of satisfaction you get from saying you’re something instead of being that something, huh Billy? That’s why people are so unimpressed these days. They’re just that unimpressive.”

“She, the artist, has succeeded in separating instinct from ego. No longer enslaved by social interaction, she is free to experience the senses of God; of existence. ‘Fuck you’ they scoff. ‘Then fuck me’ she replies. But they cannot. For the free artist is unfuckable. She, the artist, lives in her days and shines in your nights…for when everything is brought to the light, she smiles. While most of you burn.”

“Awaking to silhouettes washed out in a reddish-yellow hue, I rise from a bed of large pebbles and soft soil to find myself surrounded by tall stalks of vegetation. Pushing several strands aside, I find myself standing by a stream of freshwater. Koi fish the size of dolphins splash through the active river, playing tag with what I know to be Tanukis. Except these raccoon dogs were three times their earthly size and paid me no mind. After observing these creatures for a few minutes while washing my face with the water, I was suddenly blinded from above by the same reddish-yellow hue that I awoke to.”

“Centuries, or minutes, ago, a rift was created between self-realization & self-actualization. It made the world believe it was less than truth, that people were less than legends. No, I am not God. God is I.”

“Sitting by the window in a cafe small and sweet, deeply hidden in the heart of a beautiful town that could easily be mistaken for Shambala, I hold my brown ceramic mug with both hands and sip slowly of its contents, a tea brewed from the root barks of the Amazon and calmly gaze into God’s face. Then, I begin to lose my mind.”


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