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25 September 2011

Author : maxadmin

Incubi et Succubi is the first solo book by the photographer Lele Saveri. Shot between Europe and America, it is a collection of images that draws a path through religion, folklore, obsessions and phobias. This visual tale combines ancient religious festivals in Sicily, haunted houses in Staten Island, different species of snakes in New Jersey, and the hidden catacombs in the Roman underworld.

The title refers to the Succubus figure that guides the viewer throughout the jour- ney, like in the mythological belief that the demons Incubus and Succubus appear in men and women’s dreams to seduce them””and then to take their souls.

to present the book, Lele Saveri, together with the video-maker Giulia Maria Venturini, have produced a short film titled TO LIE UNDER. watch teaser here.

Lele Saveri will present the book at the NY Art Book Fair next week.



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