Currently reading : DRIES VAN NOTEN SPRING 2012 RUNWAY


29 September 2011

Author : zana-bayne


What one comes to expect from a Dries Van Noten women’s show is a masterful curation of unexpected colors and juxtaposed prints; elements that if paired by any other set of hands would instantly clash, but somehow when arranged by Dries they take on new meaning. I was particularly drawn to the digital prints of city lights, which I later found out to be renderings of the series “Lightscapes” by photographer James Reeve. Contrasted with greyscaled images & drawings of island greenery, there was a sense of romanticized living, whether that be the “big city” or “island paradise”. Both motifs were repeated through the textiles, lace and embroidery reminiscent of palm fronds, crystals scattered to replicate the lights in Reeve’s photos. It was a large collection, and I could ramble on for paragraphs about the structured silhouettes or the fantastic peplum-front pants…but don’t take my word for it, look at the pictures yourself!


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