Currently reading : RICK OWENS SPRING 2012 RUNWAY


30 September 2011

Author : zana-bayne


What is left to say about a Rick Owens show? The designer has developed his own visual language to a point where his creations do not have to make sense within the general realm of fashion – his work simply coexists, and happily thrives on its own. The show began smoke emerging behind a “wall” of horizontal lights which illuminated the models in a flash as they passed through it. There was an intense beauty to that moment – an effect created by a simple gesture (walking through light), made possible by an endlessly complex set up. Perhaps a similar sentiment could be used in regards to Rick Owens’ clothing: From afar, his long silhouettes are stoic & column-like, but the addition of a fold along the neckline, the exaggerated lantern sleeves, and the effortless movement of his wrapped & draped dresses are anything but simple, technically complex without looking overworked.


And then there were the flashes of burnt orange looks, and silver shoes, creating energy within the black, white & grey collection. The final looks indulged the technical craftsmanship, collaging different tones & textiles together in the front and small rectangular cut outs in the back to form sharp graphic lines & shapes, completely disregarding any natural lines of the body, continuing in the tradition of Owens’ work to look at the human form in a different way.


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