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Tricked Out Furious Badass Rox

1 November 2011

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

My nails were no longer pussy fucking nails, so I bit them off. Then I put on red lipstick. I shaved just one side of my head and let my hair down. I wanted to construct a half three-piece mod suit, half body-con bunny dress, half baggy jeans, half skinny, but there were too many halves in the equation, and I once learned about fractions. I wanted to be Grace Jones and David Bowie and Lou Reed and JD Samson. To scurry about in no-man-or-woman’s land. There I’m just a bottom feeder. With too fat a bottom. I tried to disentangle androgyny from thinness and ended up masturbating out of self-loathing. That’s usually when I stroke my invisible cock. It’s invisible but big. I was dreaming about girls in thongs and ended up almost buying one online. But my invisible credit card number didn’t authenticate.

Listen to Roxanne’s conversation with for Dis Magazine by S. Adrian Massey III!

AdrianIII Interviews Bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards by DISmagazine

Image by Jason Nocito
Styling Avena Gallagher
Words by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

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