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Heidegger: Hope or Hysteria?

22 November 2011

Author : maxadmin

Following the winding ways of the Heideggerian landscape is by no means an easy task. We fumble searchingly amongst the shapeless forms of a desert in darkness. Huffing and puffing, we are close to surrender. Then along comes the poem by Rilke and sings:

Though swiftly the world coverts,
like cloud-shapes’ upheaval,
everything perfect reverts
to the primeval.

Over the change abounding
farther and freer
your precluding song keeps sounding
God with the lyre.

Suffering is not discerned,
neither has love been learned,
and what removes us in death,
nothing unveils.
Only the song’s high breath
hallows and hails.
(Part I, Sonnets to Orpheus)

And off we go again, to play on this tortuous way! hurrah!

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