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So basically, Miami

20 December 2011

Author : maxime-buechi

This is the (almost) first post of a series on and about my visit to the Miami Art Basel fair. It took me a while to process all the images but even more time to process the experience to tell the truth. Do not expect a very coherent report, but more like a series of impressions. First of all I wish to thank the people I hung out with and who basically made this stay so f****n awesome. Among others and in no particular order: Dani Smith, Harif Guzman, Chad Muska, Angel, Lauren Devine, Mike Nouveau, Ashley, Nicole, Valissa, Adrienne, Mira, Adrien Sauvage, Jessica Silverman, Franklin, Fabiola Beracase, Hannah Warner, Jack Dononghue and obviously, the usual Liam Sparkes and Danny Fox.

Now let me start with an overall impression and I’ll get more specific as I keep posting: I arrived on the Wednesday. Went directly to the Salem show at the Delano (Hosted by the Hole). Caught up with Fabiola (first and last time I saw her of the week!), watched the show, then went to see Harif and Dani at the Soho house. I slept in a derelict room of the Shelborn Hotel and still made it to the fair on the next day though. Liam and Danny had not arrived yet. I saw a lot of very beautiful things things and basically from there onwards, everything is a big misty chaos of memories.



Olafur Eliasson
Your plural view
mirror, stainless steel, aluminium
78 1/2 x 76 x 74 inches; 199.4 x 193 x 188 cm

Tomas Saraceno
As yet untitled (3+5 module makrolon cloud)
acrylic, polyester rope, acylic hardware
cloud of 3/ 43 1/4 x 37 1/2 x 25 1/2 inches; 110x 95 x 65 cm
cloud of 5: 57 x 45 1/4 x 43 1/4 inches; 145 x 115 x 110 cm

Kumie Tsuda
Walking and memorizing (Echo Park)
176 x 173 x h. 19 cm
Tomio Koyama Gallery

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