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a very pleasant pineapple

31 December 2011

Author : clement-delepine

a dog cannot lie

if a lion could speak we would not be able to understand what he said…why do i say such a thing?

what’s going on behind my words when i say: this is a very pleasant pineapple?
take your time.

we imagine the meaning of what we say say as something queer, mysterious, hidden from view…but nothing is hidden! everything is open to view!

you can’t know this pain, only i can!

it makes no sense to speak of knowing something in a context where we could not possibly doubt therefore to say i know i am in pain is entirely senseless

are you saying there are no philosophical problems?

there are linguistic, mathematical, ethical, logistic and religious problems but there are no genuine philosophical problems

you are trivializing philosophy

philosophy is just a byproduct of misunderstanding language. why don’t you realize that?!

from Derek Jarman, Wittgenstein (1993)

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