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1 January 2012

Author : jason-farrer

Back To The Top. While looking thru inspiring photos from 2011 I came across one too personal to include in any batch not necessarily because of the photo but more because of the man in it. Lucky Number 13 goes to my Homie, Gabriele Pivotristeza. I snapped this image one day during Gabriele and I’s rendez vous at ‘Ricky’s House’ to try on the Power Outage aka RTWLR collection. It was minutes at Givenchy and then drinks at the Hotel Ritz, where our sneakers were tolerated “just this once”, to talk with friends and discuss a job then Ciao until later with Dre. I look back on 2011 with mad gratitude and love for him and Adrian and I look forward to 2012 and even further forward to a time when we reunite with our Fallen Soldiers, individuals that make the Next Level a beautiful place to be. Baby Girl, please, look after him. R.I.P. Gabriele and Thank You for making 2011 Lovely.

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