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1 January 2012

Author : jason-farrer

I was going thru my screen saver rotation to choose my top ten favorite images that I’ve come across this past year and a couple of comrades had images which were very difficult to choose between. 20!! was indeed a very inspirational year so I decided to make it a D!RTY D0ZEN…

12. I don’t know where ‘Kamato’ found this image of our Man TYGA but I’m guessing Cappello, Maggie, or Richardson. XUse the lack of photo credit but if anyone knows, get at us. Young Money’s PYT will put you thru it this year. Next stop, the vault on 26th. Keep your eyes peeled for SB6.

11. Brother Fixx Invictus handling his business. Check out his ad on Craigslist.

10. Chris Brown by Chris Brown

9. Big Brother Ron Athey by Rosalie Knox

8. If you’ve lived to experience Steven Klein and gunplay twice in a lifetime you’re a lucky man. Arena Homme Plus

7. Baby Brother Ashland Mines by Ryan Trecartin in W…speedometer

6. Brother Jared Buckheister by Danko Steiner in Visionaire 60 by Riccardo Tisci

5. Wolfgang Tillmans from Arena Homme Plus

4. Steven Klein’s original “Head In a Box” is one of my all time favorite fashion images and I was so happy to see it reincarnated this year (this time sans Helmut)

3. Ryan McGinley from Life Adjustment Center which I apparently caught onto a few months late when I went to Dashwood to pick up a book that Martina Hoogland Ivanow left because I was regretably out of town during her launch.*

2. The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black by Bijoux Altamirano

1. Ryan McGinley from The Life Adjustment Center

*Congratulations to Martina. She will, this year, be ‘launching’ what will one day be a very evolved individual (or two) <3

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