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Jello made with sparkling water.

12 January 2012

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Jack Donoghue (member of SALEM) gives a few answers to a few questions about food, cars and fear.

Jeanne-Salomé Rochat: Where are you from?
Jack Donoghue: I am from Chicago.
Where is Salem from?
John and Heather met in high school up in Michigan, thats where they grew up. We all started making music together officially in Chicago.
How does your collective philosophy influence your practice?
We love each other, a lot of what SALEM is, is an expression of that love both fulfilled and unfulfilled.
And the other way around, what kind of impact does this entity have on your life?
Until recently SALEM had very little effect on my life… But now we are being flown all over, being set up in fancy situations and girls are skipping formalities.
What could break you?
Falling from a cliff on two hard rocks. Being rejected by something I truly give myself to… If I ever do that.
What’s the last thing you remember rejecting?
A kiss in NY a few nights ago.
What’s the last thing you gave? To whom?
A Givenchy shirt that was gifted to me, to a girl who it looked better on.
What car do you drive?
My dad’s old pick up truck but it just broke down on my way up to Michigan so I’ve been walking and taking the train.
You mentioned a matt e black Lamborghini.
Yes. Or maybe I did.
I don’t know.
I don’t know either.
But it’s true that I do. In fact yes, I want a rich fan to buy me a 2011 matte black one with red tinted windows.
How does a fan lose its innocence?
Having expectations instead of unconditional love.
What does your workspace look like? How is it significant?
I was living in The Tokyo Hotel, downtown Chicago, but I kept having to travel and getting noise complaints so I moved my stuff back into the house I grew up in with my mom and her black Alsatian (Misha). My workspace when i am here is her dining room table with big monitors on it. I can work anywhere, but I like to have my room, and the places I spend time in set up in a way i like.
What would be served for breakfast at Hotel Salem?
Jello shots. Jello made with sparkling water. Lime green jello. Raw eggs.
If you had to invent the sexual position/act called “lime green jello”, what would it consist of?
The girl’s very jealous boyfriend watching while i bust her down.
What is your present screen saver?
A white pit bull. I love dogs.
How important is empty space?
What sets your music apart from others that produce similar material?
I never think about that. It’s not important.
Can you stand isolation?
Not really. I keep moving and try to stay busy and around other people because I don’t like being alone. I like swimming alone. I can be alone if I’m working on music, or walking… If I am moving, I can be alone.
How has solitude influenced your music? How does it clash with your culture?
John is really good at being alone, he is a much quieter person then me. He will push me to be still and I will push him to be more social and wild. Heather is in between and keeps it all together. I think those differences affect our music.
Would you like to move somewhere in particular?
I feel like living in a city on the ocean not in the 1st world.
Who would you like to do your voice over in the animated version of your life?
Naomi Watts’s mouth.
As a blonde or as a brunette?
What is the last thing you bought?
Honestly DMT u_u… before that I guess a sexy air-freshener or Vitamin water.
What have you wanted to work on but couldn’t? What stopped you?
I would really like to work for Terrence Mallick, it just hasn’t happened yet.
What would Terrence Mallick listen to while watching you sleeping?
My rare heart beat.
Is car driving necessary for good music composing?
No but it is a good time for good music listening.
What have you buried lately?
We have been busy.
So what’s new?
John is going insane. He’s actually losing his mind.
When you decide to go insane too, what kind of intervention would it take to make you think twice about it?
Probably something about my mom or my friend Zulma.
What sense of yours do you wish was acute?
My ABs.
How do you like to dance?
Jamaican style.
How do you free things?
Let go.
Who influences you the most?
What was the best garment you have received as a gift?
Givenchy Joker face shirt.
What is the lames t superpower ever?
Alex Mack, ROFL.
What virtual world would you have sex in?
I would be down to double team thousands of Hentai girls with Wolverine.
That’s old. What virtual world would you have sex in, in 2013?
Bratz da website.
Name a film that you wanted to like before you saw, but ended up not liking so much.
Forces of nature.
What do you wish could be found after you’re dead?
IDK IDC… I’ll be dead… Even bigger sharks? I would not want them to be found while i was still alive, sometimes I am scared of sharks : (
What else are you afraid of?
My birthday.
Is music deceptive?
I don’t think so.

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