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Jim Shaw at Metro Pictures, New York

17 March 2012

Author : reba

Trying to explain exactly what Jim Shaw’s (a contributor to Sang Bleu 6) newest exhibition is about seemed a truly difficult task with out just quoting from the press release:

”For Jim Shaw’s exhibition at Metro Pictures the Los Angeles-based artist presents a large mural and 20 drawings comprising a comic book that center on his fictional religion Oism, a narrative Shaw has been developing for more than 20 years. The works draw on eccentric aspects of American history and quirky old imagery to illustrate part two of Shaw’s proposed, four-part Oist prog rock opera. Its story, told through the comic book, follows two small-time crooks as they break into the Museum of Oist History in Omaha. Seeking refuge from encroaching FBI agents the pair ducks into a 24-hour wig museum where a helpful curator hides them beneath wigs that inexplicably render them invisible and transport them to the ancient homeland of the religion’s founding deity O.”

The exhibition will run from tonight until April the 21st at Metro Pictures in New York

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