Currently reading : Publish and Be Damned Fair 2012, ICA London

Publish and Be Damned Fair 2012, ICA London

18 March 2012

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

Yesterday, Publish and Be Damned presented a new edition of their fairs, displaying an impressing declension of artist-led and self-published magazines, journals, periodicals and other printed format experimentations… Mountains and mountains of them. Too much. So much, I suspect ICA went way beyond their maximum visitors allowances during the afternoon as between 3 and 6, waves of people were coming in and only very few coming out, not to mention the fact that this is a sunny Spring saturday in London we’re talking about.

Paper hustle and paper chaos, fingers looking for change (only cash in that market place, of course) in addition to the frenetic insecurity of most of the artists, publishers, writers, etc. on spot, us, our usual mad scramble for status, position, affirmation, and attention. On top of it all, add in the tekila shots drinking that started at 6pm…

What are some tropes we’re tired of as publishers? Things we wish we’d see more often as editors? Things we wish our readers would see more often? Are conceptual poems and flash political manifestos scrutinized differently when submitted? Yesterday was an intense attempt to (briefly, of course) characterize the landscape of contemporary independent publishing and share advice.

More details here.

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