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The Lunacy of Love

22 March 2012

Author : maxadmin

The Pheonix and the Turtle
by Shakespeare

So they loved as love in twain,
Had the essence but in one
Two distincts, but division none:
Number there in love was slain.

Hearts remote yet not asunder
Distance and no space was seen
Twixt this turtle and his queen
But in them it were a wonder

So between them love did shine
That the turtle saw his sight
Flowing in the phoenix
Either was the other’s mine

Property was thus appalled
That the self was not the same
Single nature’s double name
Neither two nor one was called

Reason in itself confounded
Saw division grow together
To themselves yet either neither
Simple were so well confounded

That it cried, How true a twain
Seemeth make this concordance one!
Love hath reason, reason none
If what parts can so remain.

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