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Nicola Samorì

7 April 2012

Author : maxadmin


Existing somewhere within the aftermath of a collision between Classical Art, the macabre and the deconstruction of the human form, lies the work of Italian Oil Painter and Sculptor Nicola Samori. By using darkness as an alienating and overpowering element within his paintings, Samori is able to dramatise and bring his subjects to life, in a way that is both grotesque and hauntingly realistic.

His sculpting work is scattered with tell-tale origins of an elaborate Greco-Roman approach, but have violently been moulded into twisted figures reminiscent of melted humanoid’s. Painting on a mix of copper, wood and linen, he incorporates a range of techniques such as staining, action painting and in many cases actual incompletion; leaving dominant spaces blank or heavily obscured. Peril is at home within his work as decay, but-none-the-less an air of beauty is able to creep through, as we look to his subjects with an equal amount of pity as deserving grace.




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