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The City Itself is Sexual

11 May 2012

Author : maxadmin


“Ever since I was young, my Fathers job involved a lot of travelling and when we moved to a new city, some were smaller but others were larger: I loved to wander around the town. I loved it…
When I have a project I’m working on, I’ll basically leave my place before noon and, like a stray Dog circling ( or a Cat- or sometimes like an insect) I’ll go from alley to alley, resurface, and then enter another alley. And I’d just wander…

Then, after nightfall I’ll come home and take a shower. And then, go out again. I’ll have a drink somewhere in Shinjuku and stroll around and take photos. I’ll hit another bar and have another drink…hit the streets again: thats my method. The Red Light District is “sexual”; the women are “sexual”, but its not only women. The city itself is “sexual”.

I guess I want to say that photography for me, isnt the most charming, unbearably fun thing I could do, but at the same time I cant help but find it, a medium and a habit that is…quite seductive”



Daido Moriyama- An Artist At Work

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