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Diminishing Between Worlds

23 May 2012

Author : maxadmin

Old Master prints, specifically landscapes are an area of old world art production that I’m always researching & attempting to learn more about. The fascination stems from the idea of the prints portraying and also preserving lands and scenes that no longer exist in a medium that allows them to seem otherworldly & distant (through their detail & dramaticism). Yet at the same time they posses a faint familiarity through things such as nature, with there generally being an emphasis on the elements, trees and the foreboding mood created via lighting. The presence of subtle narrative(s) helps to rouse the imagination as we attempt to piece together the worlds presented to us. They posses a real ineffable beauty……..


I Thought I would share some of my research……..


Matthais Bril (1550-1584) & Paulus Bril (1554-1626)




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