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Weep Not By Day

30 May 2012

Author : maxadmin

Weep not by Day is my latest photographic series, studying the relationship between melancholic dispositions, the night and the lives of adolescent women. The series acts as a crossover of old world and new world depictions of sadness, taking inspiration from the likes of John Dowland, Wong Kar Wai, Sam Taylor Wood, Jean Luc Goddard, King Dude, William Wordsworth, Shakespeare and Freud. I attempted to create a compiled study of apathy, cynicism and Dolefulness which also explores the notion of the night being a somewhat multifaceted force or entity, which has the power to control as well as console us.


I shall be exhibiting the series as part of the Exposure24 Graduate exhibitions, taking place at the Frameless Gallery, London- Clerkenwell Green (18th-24th June). Prints shall be for sale, as well as postcards.


Private View: 18th June, 6pm

Frameless Gallery

Clerkenwell Green






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