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Sam Ricketts

3 June 2012

Author : maxadmin

Sam Ricketts has become a name synonymous with nautical subject matter, morose and mournful themes and a love for the galactic unknown. His love for the sea, stemming from a childhood fascination for Sharks and related animals, has a frequency within his work; with many of his pieces seeming akin to the tales of an old-world whaler. His style; powerful and somewhat dark, is able to exist on the skin with boldness and presence, as does his paintings which are full of a malevolence and romanticism. Working equally as coherently with small flash to full back pieces, he seems to be able to create with ease a narrative in any given context or direction.

Citing inspiration from the likes of H.P Lovecraft, Jef Whitehead, Jeff Zuck and Steve Byrne, he has gone on to create a following across the U.K and beyond as well as respect & affiliatons with other strong names in U.K Traditional tattooing such as Simon Erl and Frank Carter.

Ricketts, who is as equally humble as he is talented, has no plans for slowing down and a future full of optimism & progress as well as one day (as he tells me), a life by the sea.


Sam Ricketts

Wood Street Tattoo



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