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XXIII, an exhibition by Myoshka

5 June 2012

Author : reba


Maharishi is pleased to present the debut exhibition of limited edition prints by
visual artist Myoshka. XXIII is a collection of 23 monochrome screen prints that
combine optical art, ancient symbolism and modern technology.

Myoshka’s oeuvre is driven by balance and contrast. The artist re-appropriates
symbols and sacred geometric shapes from religious contexts such Buddhism
and Islam. For each element of Myoshka’s work, one finds its opposite closely
integrated: he explores the interaction between negative and positive, the dialogue
between light and dark and the tension between disruption and harmony.

The patterns have a powerful optical effect. In each work a core symbol
or element is appropriated and mastered by the artist. He coerces the geometry
into compositions by taking the elements, repeating, distorting and interlocking
them, subtly adjusting each repetition until it transmutes from positive to negative.
In some works we see the suggestion of dimensionality but this is elusive and
never revealed explicitly. Even with careful analysis and understanding of the
transformations employed by the artist, the patterns are mesmerizing and defy

Opens 21st June 2012

Great Pulteney Street
Soho, London

XXIII will be held at the Maharishi store in Soho, London from June 21st.
Prints are available to buy online at

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