Currently reading : ‘Scratch my name on your arm’ photographs by Deanna Templeton

‘Scratch my name on your arm’ photographs by Deanna Templeton

10 July 2012

Author : reba


Deanna Templeton’s new book Scratch My Name On Your Arm explores Californian youth culture through beautiful black and white photographs. Coming out of Templeton’s exhibition at the Schunck art institute in Herleen in the Netherlands and taken over five years Templeton has recorded the strange new phenomenon of body autographs. Baring their bodies temporary dedications at skateboarding and surfboarding events, this trend of letting athletes autograph their bodies turned into sports brands spraying their logos on to willing bodies, acting as free walking bill boards for the companies. With many of the subjects unaware of the complications of their semi permanent markings and not necessarily that interested in the sporting event its self these photographs provide a striking yet strange insight into the youth of California. But the photographs none the less are really quite impressive.

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