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21 July 2012

Author : maxadmin

Currently showing at Fotografiska in Stockholm, a beautiful exhibition of Sally Mann’s romantic and evocative work. With a particularly spellbinding film ‘What Remains’ tracing the paths, projects and family life on her farm in Virginia.

‘The face resists possession, resists my powers. In its epiphany, in expression, the sensible, still graspable, turns into total resistance to the grasp. This mutation can occur only by the opening of a new dimension. For the resistance to the grasp is not produced as an insurmountable resistance, like the hardness of the rock against which the effort of the hand comes to naught, like the remoteness of a star in the immensity of space. The expression the face introduces into the world does not defy the feebleness of my powers, but my ability for power. The face, still a thing amongst things, breaks through the form that nevertheless delimits it. This means concretely: the face speaks to me and thereby invites me to a relation incommensurate with a power exercised, be it enjoyment or knowledge.’ – Emmanuel Levinas, from Totality and Infinity.

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