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No Editions AW12-13

24 July 2012

Author : maxadmin



new series, men and women

No Editions by Christian Nissen & Nicole Lachelle

Every item, style or object presented under the ‘ no editions ‘ name is produced only once with a unique print design or other decoration.

Each design or item is part of an online archive — once an item is sold or otherwise becomes unavailable it is marked – not available – but it remains visible as part of the online series and archive.

The individual print designs are created and grouped in series. Each series is listed online with a title,
information about the style, material, and the amount of items in this series — this information is printed on the inside of every item, along with its unique serial number and the ‘ no editions ’ logo.

The differences between print designs within a series are created and developed based on various artistic, personal, aesthetic or sequential criteria, and are not the result of random manual or mechanical finishing.
The differences can be very visible or very subtle, depending on the series.

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