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Dirty Flaws

6 September 2012

Author : reba



With a direct emphasis on fashion in the most painstakingly niche way, Dirty Flaws shows a great emphasis on the contemporary trend of what some may describe as the current ‘neo-goth fashion’. Adorned with anything geometric, matte, mesh or leather (as long as it is black), owner of Dirty Flaws Nikki Moose grabs up the latest sculpted, hooded or layered look books and editorials as well as finding the best garments from young designers to the highest end ones.

Clearly everything within Dirty Flaws hails from some kind of inspiration from a goth aesthetic. This can be seen in the regular references to Rick Owens or Damir Doma and the more recent macabre collections of Givenchy and Rodatre. Perhaps describing these creations as gothic may offend some peoples pronounced theories as what is classified as gothic or not. But one thing that can be closely associated with the gothic aesthetic is very much present here, which is how beauty and subtly vs the sensual and mysterious flow through the blog in a rather engaging way.

Whether Dirty Flaws expresses some kind of gothic ideal or not is up for discussion. Sub-culturally it doesn’t fill that space, it certainly doesn’t embrace any kind of new lifestyle, but in the realms of the ever moving fashion world this vaguely grim but refined style is a haven for anyone interested into buying into this trend. Fashion is obviously fleeting and ever changing but Dirty Flaws can proudly be seen as an originator in seeing this trend evolve over the last six years.

It has also just moved to tumblr so check it out here!

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