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why preorder Sang Bleu 6?

12 September 2012

Author : maxime-buechi

Sang Bleu has existed for nearly ten years as an independent project that has served as a social benchmark within media concerning tattooing, fashion, cultural studies and fetish; catering for individuals who seek more than what pleases the masses and what is offered through conventional publications and websites.

With each Eponymous issue of the publication growing in strength, popularity and acclaim, Sang Bleu now presents its eagerly anticipated Issue 6- featuring 700 pages of editorial content by and featuring the likes of Ellen Von Unwerth, Estevan Oriol, Booba, Robert Ryan, Bushwick Bill to name but a few; not to mention the Issue’s guest editor Betony Vernon who has built a name firmly within both the fetish and fashion world.

With the printed magazine existing as a somewhat precarious format, it is up to those who know they can withold a firm mark within modern publishing to continue to do so, leaving imitators and emulators behind in the process. Sang Bleu serves as one of these publications, who since entering fruition has inspired further those passionate about the subject matter, as well as drawn in those curious about it towards a powerful and focused art-direction and vision.

Sang Bleu 6 will be only be able to be obtained through pre-ordering through the Sang Bleu 6 website/store page, and will be available to be shipped worldwide. As it exists as a 100% independent and non-profit publication who unlike others, reliant on advertisements and sponsors, can only be offered in a bespoke and personal way, catering for the dedicated individual or establishment who wants to support the project further.

Thank you for your continued support

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