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Erotica Romana

3 November 2012

Author : maxadmin

Erotica Romana, is a compilation of elegies by Johann W Van Goethe, which were composed in the 18th century. Most of the poems are written from the perspective of ruminative and passion male characters; often using references to nature, fictional and historical Roman mythological narratives. The elegies serve as insights into the overactive and cynical mindset of the narrator(s), with some of the best and most quotable lines being not solely erotic; but sometimes humorous or overtly romanticised. ER exists as an interesting series of journeys and takes on the psyche concerning romance and embrace; relationships and sex.

Elegy VII:

Happily now on classical soil I feel inspiration

Voices from present and past speak here evocatively.

Heeding ancient advice, I leaf through the works of the ancients

With an assidious hand. Daily the pleasure is renewed

Throughout the night in a different way, Im kept busy by Cupid

If erudition is halved, rapture is doubled that way

Do then I not become wise when I trace with my eye, her sweet bosoms form and the line of her hips stroke with my hand?

I acquire as I reflect and compare my first understanding of marble

See with an eye that feels, feel with a hand that sees

While my beloved, I grant it, deprives me of daylight

She in the nighttime hours gives me compensation in full

And we do more than just kiss, we prosecute reasoned discussions (Should she succumb to sleep, that gives me time for my thoughts)

In her embrace– it’s by no means unusual– Ive composed poems

And the Hexameters beat gently tapped out on her back

Fingertips counting in time with the sweet rhythmic breath of her slumber

Air from deep in her breast Penetrates mine, and there burns.

Cupid, while stirring the flame in our lamp No doubt thinks of those days when

For the triumvirs he similar service performed.


Painting: Henri Gervex- ‘Rolla’

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