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Manwoman, passes

15 November 2012

Author : maxadmin

Spiritual mystic, social challenger and loving member of the tattoo community the world over, Manwoman, has passed away today. Manny is known predominantly for his quest to redeem the Swastika’s ancient and untarnished place within humanity; re-emerging again as a gentle and pure symbol, as was used by forefathers of nearly every nation and continent prior to WWII. I remember seeing a video with him in, around 5 years back and the passion and energy he possessed, as well as an intriguingly loving persona, alone, made me see this seemingly strange man, covered in Swastika tattoo’s, as someone who has an agenda that was benevolent through and through.

His legacy is unending; a generation of citizens across all walks of life worldwide, on spiritual and personal paths in gaining enlightenment and sharing the knowledge that is so vital in the advancement of man






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